Quality Custom Made Products

As a complete manufacturer, Dalton has long-since extended its expertise beyond the basic gears: spur, helical, and worm, to sprockets, couplings (made-to-order, stock-bore and shear spin), timing-belt pulleys, right-angle gear boxes and worm gear shaft-mounted and foot-mounted speed reducers. Since 1955, Dalton has reinvested much of its revenue in high tech gear-making equipment. That and product innovation have made it a company to work with in today’s international marketplace.

Dalton Gear‚Äôs shop is an ultra-modern CNC (for ‚Äúcomputer numeric controls‚ÄĚ) machine center. It is comprised of manufacturing cells in which one operator can simultaneously monitor multiple machines that interact between the customers‚Äô blueprints and the high-precision equipment that performs the intricate cutting, turning, milling and finishing true to ten-thousandths of an inch.